Social Studies


Week 1: Arizona's Location

Week 2: Map and Globe Skills

 Week3: Environment and Resources 

Week 4: Settlement and Cities

Week 5: Prehistoric Life in Arizona.

Week 6: Arizona's Early People 

Week 7: Ancestral Puebloans 



Week 8: Hohokam

Week 9: Life in Europe

Week 10: Exploration and Change

Week 11: Spanish Explorers in Arizona 

Week 12: Spanish Missionaries 

Week 13: A New Nation

Week 14: Westward Expansion/Mexican-American War



Week 15: Arizona and the Civil War

Week 16: Changes for native Americans

Week 17: Arizona Territory

Week 18: Lawmen and Outlaws

Week 19: Arizona's Industries.

Week 20: Arizona Mining and Agriculture

Week 21: Travel and Communications




Week 22: Native American Wars

Week 23: Arizona Statehood- the 48th State

Week 24: Arizona in the 1920s and 1930s

Week 25: Arizona after the War

Week 26: Arizona's State Government

Week 27: Arizona's Economy

Week 28: Arizona's Diversity